Refund Policy

. I received my package but the product was faulty or damaged from some places

  • You don't need to worry because we will send the same if your product is damaged or very faulty. You just have to send us a screenshot on our Instagram or Messenger and we'll do it.
  • We’ll send the same product again, it can’t be changed in model or colour if it was damaged or faulty.

I received my package but I didn't receive what I ordered

  • If we’ve sent a wrong parcel, We’ll exchange it but it shouldn’t be opened.
  • If you want to switch to other product then we’ll allow 30% discount on other product/colour. (This applies on Cases only, not electronic items)

I received my order but I want to change the colour/variant of my case.

  • If you’ve ordered any cases which were wrongly ordered then we can only exchange it after the replacement charges are applied i.e 400 Rupees outside Karachi. Within Karachi it will be 200 rupees.
  • The packaging of the product should be unopened.

Any warranty for electronic items?

  • There's no warranty as such on electronic items however our team properly checks them before sending. If there's any issue you can inform us. 
  • We have tried our level best to introduce things which are trusted so that customers don't face any issue.

Note: All complaints will be acceptable within 1 week of delivery. It won't be possible to return/exchange items after using them (if they have no defect)